Courses that supplied MSMDC Portfolio Projects

Course Foundations of Museums & Digital Culture SLOMuseum Information Management & Technologies SLODigital Technology & Tools SLOResearch SLOProfessionalism SLO
INFO-601 Foundations of Information
INFO-606 Digital Accessibility
INFO-608 Human Information Interaction
INFO-609 Intro to GIS
INFO-611 Info Policies & Politics
INFO-612 Advanced GIS
INFO-613 Govt. Info Sources/Access
INFO-615 Spatial Statistics GIS
INFO-616 Programming Interactive Viz
INFO-619 Information & Human Rights
INFO-625 Mgmt of Archives/Sp Collection
INFO-628 Data Librarianship & Mgmt.
INFO-630 Research Design & Methods
INFO-631 Acad Libraries and Scholarly
INFO-632 Conservation and Preservation
INFO-634 Conservation Lab
INFO-635 Archives Appraisal, Acq & Use
INFO-636 Conversational UX Design
INFO-637 Programming User Interfaces
INFO-638 Web Development
INFO-639 Database Dsgn & Development
INFO-640 Data Analysis
INFO-641 Visual Comm & Info Design
INFO-642 Content Strategy
INFO-643 Information Arch/Inter Design
INFO-644 Usability Theory & Practice
INFO-645 Advanced Usability/ UX Eval
INFO-646 Digital Product Design
INFO-647 Visual Resources Management
INFO-648 Mobile Interaction Design
INFO-649 Practical Ethnography for UX
INFO-650 Speculative Design
INFO-651 Emotional Design
INFO-652 Reference and Instruction
INFO-653 Knowledge Organization
INFO-654 Information Technologies
INFO-655 Digital Preservation/Curation
INFO-656 Machine Learning
INFO-657 Digital Humanities
INFO-658 Information Visualization
INFO-659 Adv Proj. Digital Humanities
INFO-660 Collection Development
INFO-661 Art Documentation
INFO-662 Adv Cataloging/Classification
INFO-663 Metadata Design
INFO-664 Program For Cultural Heritage
INFO-665 Projects in Digital Archives
INFO-666 Rare Book Digitization
INFO-667 Art Librarianship
INFO-668 Moving Image/Sound Archives
INFO-670 Linked Open Data
INFO-671 Sustainable Interaction Design
INFO-672 UX Design System
INFO-673 Literacy & Instruction
INFO-674 Genealogy and Local History
INFO-675 Museum and Library Outreach
INFO-676 Early Childhood
INFO-677 Literature/Literacy for Teens
INFO-678 Growing Up Digital
INFO-679 Museums & Digital Culture
INFO-680 Instructional Technologies
INFO-681 Community Bldg & Engagement
INFO-682 Projects in IXD
INFO-683 Museum Digital Strategy
INFO-684 Museum Information Management
INFO-685 Digital Analytics
INFO-689 Rare Books/Sp Collections
INFO-693 Audience Research/Evaluation
INFO-696 Adv Projects in Visualization
INFO-697 Special Topics
INFO-698 Practicum/Seminar
INFO-699 Independent Study
INFO-9600 Summer Internship 0-Credit
INFO-9601 Internship 1-CREDIT